Meet a few of our Board Members




Sarah is the Owner/Chef of SWEET CHEF, a company specializing in creative pastry and cake design.  She caters events and works with businesses and individuals to create a gourmet culinary experience that thematically underscores their event in a memorable way.


Sarah has long been an active member of the Idaho Chefs de Cuisine Chapter throughout her career working in restaurants and specialty bakeries.  Her passion for the organization came from her exposure to the ACF as a student, where she first had her taste for ACF-style competition and exposure to advanced techniques of member Chefs.


To this day, Sarah has a special passion for "sending the elevator back down" for those who are just beginning their culinary career.  Much of the work of her Presidency has thus-far been to raise funds for the Chapter to support scholarships to help students see the vast array of possibilities that a culinary professional can experience with continued education and advancement.

Vice President

Jennifer came to the ACF as a volunteer to support a program that she is passionate about: Meals on Wheels.  From these beginnings, she quickly became a valued member of the organization due to her genuine respect and admiration for the giving nature of Chefs in our community, and her ability to develop extraordinary "signature" events for the Chapter.

Jennifer's creativity and love for imaginative events was the basis for the Chapter's foundation of one of Boise's "marquee" events:  Night of the Living Chefs.  Jennifer's vision for this event and personal donation of her expansive collection of Halloween decor for the event has made it a favorite annual fundraiser for the Chapter.  

Jennifer continues in her role as Vice President of the Chapter to lead the event that brought her to the organization:  The Culinary Walkabout.  This exclusive culinary experience has been revered and copied by other nonprofit organizations throughout the Western United States for it's collaborative approach to experiencing food in a unique manner to benefit Meals on Wheels.  

Jennifer's boundless energy, visionary approach, and organization continue to provide the foundation of financial support through her events that raise critically-needed funds for the ongoing work of the Chapter.


Board of Directors Secretary

The Idaho Chefs de Cuisine is a diverse, active Chapter of the American Culinary Federation.  Membership is open to Chefs, students, professionals in the foodservice industry, growers, producers, and "Foodies" who are interested in the ongoing development of a thriving culinary community in Southern Idaho.  Despite the smaller populous of our geographical area, the Idaho Chefs de Cuisine Chapter is thriving and continually growing in membership and representation in regional and national events.

Part of the uniqueness of our local ACF Chapter comes from the active nature of our membership.  This is an organization to join for everyone interested in growing professionally, connecting to network over local and gourmet resources, and engaging in professional challenges like competitions and professional certification.

We welcome guests who may be considering membership to join us at one of our monthly Chapter meetings, which are typically held every third Monday of the month at 6:30 P.M. Our meetings are engaging and frequently feature presentations by local producers, Chefs, and other professionals.  The hosting of our Chapter meetings revolves between member locations and offer a unique way to experience the creativity and passion of host restaurants and organization.  Meetings offer a great "behind the scenes" view of the craft and approach taken by many of the most innovative Chefs in our community.  

For the location of our next meeting, please see our latest newsletter or CONTACT US for more information.